Cloud Computing Trends

Just a few years back , industry experts disapprove cloud computing by saying it as just the latest technology fad, good for causing a lot of buzz but offering a little in practical basis . Today, the cloud has landed in an era where it has been widely recognized by analysts and companies alike as a key force in significantly altering the entire IT landscape, from how data centers are built, to how upgrades are handled, to how software is deployed and beyond.

Cloud computing is an unpredictable phenomenon, with the potential to make IT organizations more responsive than ever. Cloud computing promisesspeed, agility, flexibility and innovation. 

When exploring strategies for the cloud, it is important for executives to review trends and other factors that will affect the decision-making process.

Recent Remarkable Trends In Cloud Computing :

Adoption of cloud computing will continue to grow rapidly

The Rise of the Hybrid Cloud

The cloud will become more global

The future of cloud computing is mobile

The organisations will be able to achieve flexibility, agility in the field of data center parallel to that of  “public cloud.”

Social tools will bring increased collaboration to the cloud

Moving data to the cloud gets closer to copy/paste

Companies become more “frictionless” thanks to the cloud

In fact, cloud computing is akey to the dramatic growth. Even on top of the incredible gains it has experienced over the past few years. Cloud computing is well on its way to becoming the favored technology deployment model for companies around the globe. 

Cloud computing enables speed, agility and innovation. Private cloud adoption increased from 63% to 77%, making hybrid cloud adoption up from 58 percent to 71 percent over a year.As cloud computing has gone conventional, it seems businesses have had a hard time picking just one cloud service to stick to.Therefore In the medium term, the hybrid cloud will have the maximum adoption rate and compound annual growth rate. Increased adoption of big data, IoT, and mobile devices are major external trends provide the perfect catalyst for increased adoption of hybrid cloud services.Instead of being tangled to desks in an office, today’s workers use their mobile devices to do their jobs at any time anywhere.Smart phones and tablets having a significant impact on the business world due to which the flexibility requiredby the mobile users application is one of the key reasons cloud computing is on the rise.

In many ways, the cloud is already globalized. After all, companies all over the globe are using cloud-based tools every day. The cloud is perfect for breaking down barricades externally in between customers and customer service employees and internally inbetween departments or individual staff members.

This Cloud Computing will progressivelygo social and it will become a central part of the way companies manage business data. It will be interesting to witness how cloud computing continues to acclimate over time as we become even more creative and innovative towards the application of it to business models.

Updated: November 25, 2019 — 4:52 pm

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